VA - International Pop Overthrow volume 8 3CD


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International Pop Overthrowフェスティバルのコンピレーションvol. 8

1 The Samurai Seven– Screw You Jack 2 Little Engine– She's Going Down 3 Stephen Lawrenson– Hey! 4 The Shamus Twins– Life Is Strange 5 The Confusions– The Pilot 6 My Pocket Zoo– Angels Gave Me Roofies 7 Jim Ellison– Each Day (I Call Her Name) 8 The Valley Downs– For No One 9 Crazy Moon Plan– Dreaming Of Her 10 The Well Wishers– In Search Of Alter Ego's 11 The Everyday Things– Time To Realize 12 Smash Palace– Steal Her Thunder 13 Harkness– Ciao To The Beauty 14 Jaimie Vernon– Turn! 15 Leave– I'd Rather Not Say 16 Semion (2)– Jangle #1 17 Beyond Veronica– Take You There 18 Fresh Mowed Lawn– From This Day Forward 19 Carolyn Edwards– Beauty Wanted 20 Brandon Schott– Paper Wings 21 Deluxe Leisure King– Hate To Love 22 The Trend (2)– She's Hi-Fi (Live) Compact Disc Two 1 Sparkwood– Where She Ought To Be 2 The Oohs– Get It Straight 3 The Supahip– Tulsa 4 Susan Hedges And The Other Kind– Guess I Got It Wrong Again 5 The Seesaw– All The Same 6 DIN (18)– Hung 7 Jeremy*– Upside Down 8 Blake Jones & The Trike Shop– Beauty Loses A Round 9 The Tearaways– Bring It On 10 Phamous Phaces– Jessie's Song 11 Rover2000– Storytime 12 Blue Cartoon– The World Goes By 13 The Rhinos (2)– Tell On You 14 Garfield's Birthday*– The Bastion Of Teenage 15 Suzy Brack & The New Jack Lords– Endless Summer 16 Preoccupied Pipers– Melange Still Races 17 Van Go– Prettiest Girl 18 The Swarthy Band– Peculiar 19 The Pulltops– Into You 20 Corin Ashley– File Me Under Regret 21 Monogroove– Anything You Want 22 Popdudes– I'm Down Compact Disc Three 1 Morty Shallman– Everybody 2 Pat Buchanan– Sweet Amnesia 3 The Afternoons– Baby, You Know The Deal 4 Hansom Pilot– Sad Without You 5 sparkle*jets u.k.– Princess Needy 6 Michael Guthrie (2)– Emma Peel 7 Ben's Diapers– Beautiful People 8 Truman Falls– The Last Man On The Moon 9 The Irises– I'm That Fool 10 The Vandalays– Wherever You Go 11 The Condors– Don't Talk About Love 12 Virginia Sisters– Beautiful One 13 Mark Johnson (26)– Jackie 14 Ruth's Hat– Show Me 15 J.R. And The Randogs– Baby Steps 16 Glowfriends– We Are Silent 17 Quiet Kid– Dollface 18 Beatnik Turtle– Were All These Beer Cans Here Last Night? 19 Coppermine– It All Comes Back 20 Fireking– Everyday's A Holiday 21 The Ringles– New Planet Creation 22 Kevin Tihista's Red Terror– You Don't Have To Be Sorry